Introducing our 3D Historical Atlas

Introducing our 3D Historical Atlas!


Geo located events

We researched locations for thousands of events throughout history, and placed them on our globe.  This allows us to see what is happening, when.   New ideas, horrible plagues, and famous moments such as the crossing of the rubicon.   Enjoy yourself, browsing through time, and learn.


Pinchable Zoomable Timeline

Along the bottom of our Atlas, you see the timeline, that functions as both a quick reference for what's happening in time, and a way to navigate through history.    Stretch it to zoom in, Pinch it to zoom out.   Slide it to move forward and backward in time.   Click on empires to select them.  Double click anywhere to show an article, and make that time the present time.    Explore.    See  new connections and causalities.   Be surprised by what was happening elsewhere in the world while the Romans dominated, or the Mongols marched.   Learn. 

Article Viewing

We have a top notch Wikipedia article viewer built right in, with search, great text, and coming soon, bookmarks and favorites.


Thousands of history articles

We have a summary and deep article on most empires throughout history, courtesy of our deep integration with Wikipedia, considered by many to be the world's best encyclopedia.